Welcome to the psched homepage. Here you can find all the latest releases of psched. If you wish to download it then you can do so by clicking the download link below. Currently psched has only its core code written. Not many of the features have been written yet.


The purpose for this library is process management. If you wish to run many (possibly concurrent) processes and obtain their output, give them input, redirect their streams, and more (in the future) then you can use this library. It is written in Java (1.5) and is designed for end developers.


Currently, the place to download this project is from download here.

Documentation (Really sparse right now)

The documentation for this project can be found in javadoc form here. You can also get the latest source from the SVN repossitories located here:

Ideas For Improvement

Right now much improvement needs to be made on psched. First some of the library still needs to be completed. Here is a list of areas for improvement and development:


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August 3, 2006.